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What is MoSo?
Moso has more than one meaning. It can be bamboo or it can be referring to Yazzo's typo. It's Yazzo's typo which started all this. Moso can mean anything, so it became a gametype for UT2004. The player holds the Moso Rifle and needs to Moso (read: bump) the other players into the lava (or whatever hazard is provided on the map).
At the moment we have 4 gametypes available:
- Moso (DeathMatch)
- Team Moso (Team DeathMatch)
- Last Moso Standing (Last Man Standing)
- Moso Tag a.k.a. Moso-Mutant (Mutant)

All these gametypes feature the Moso Rifle and the 7 different Moso Pickups:
- Afterburner, makes you boost people further
- Airbag, absorbs the boost you receive
- Trigger Happy, fastfire
- Invisibility
- Speed
- O.O.P.S. which stands for Obviously Overpower Pickup Suicide
- Beam Me Up Scotty, guess what, you get to teleport around...randomly :D
All pickups will work for a certain amount of time only and bots are unable to use them.

You can download Moso here for free and play it either offline or online. \o/

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