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MoSo Changelog
Since v2.03:
- Fixed another bug with replication for team and spawnkill stats
- Added option to disable suiciding (console and keybind)
- Added stat (F3) to see how many times someone tried to suicide
- Changed loading screen hints to Moso specific hints instead of the DM ones
- Added stats (F3) to see how many times someone picked up a certain pickup
- Added custom scoreboard for Team Moso
- Added Kills and Deaths to scoreboard for Team Moso
- Serverdetails added for: TeamMateBoosting, DisableSuiciding, MaxMosoPickups
- Adrenaline completely removed (disabled by default)
- Pickuptimer doesn't display 0 anymore when counting down
- Included a WormbotHandler class to properly handle Moso games when running
  Wormbot v2 on your server

Since v2.01:
- Fixed a bug where replication failed for the teamkill and spawnkill stats

Since v2:
- Fixed a bug where the server would crash if a map didn't have any pathnodes
- Added Spawnkiller sound + message
- Added Teamkill textmessage
- Teamkills and Spawnkills show up in the stats (F3)

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