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MoSo Downloads
Moso can be downloaded here as a RAR-file.

Current version: 2.05
- 4 gametypes:
   Team Moso
   Last Moso Standing
   Moso Tag a.k.a. Moso-Mutant
- The Moso Rifle
- Hitsound
- TeamKill, TeamKiller and Spawnkill sounds and stats
- 7 different Moso Pickups [Boots of Jumping can be used also]
- Pickups used stats
- Option to enable/disable suiciding
- Custom scoreboards
- Wormbot v2 (by Wormbo) handler for Moso

Archive (Old versions)
- Moso v2
- Moso v201
- Moso v202
- Moso v203
- Moso v204

Mirror by clan Lone Gun Fighter
MoSo Mappack 1.01
MoSo Mappack 2.01

For the maps & mappacks check this page.

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