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How to set up a MoSo-Server
Updating to Moso v203:
When updating, first do this:
- Remove the old Moso_v202.u, Moso_V202.ucl and Moso_v2.ini files
- Remove older versions of Moso if you still have those.
- Remove the old ServerPackages=Moso_v202 in your ini file.
Or, if you have it installed through the ut4mod, simply start your UT2004/Setup.exe and select Moso v2.02". It'll cleanly uninstall Moso v2.02.

Installation is simple. Download the Moso v2.03 package (i suggest the zipfile as installing through an ut4mod is quite a pain on *nix servers), and decompress the content into your ut2004server folder. The zipfile already contains the correct folderlayout in wich each file should be put. While you're on it, it might be wise to also install the two mappacks, as the Mosov2.03 gamefiles do not come with any map. Again, i recommend the zipfiles (Mappack 1 and Mappack 2) for the reasons stated above.

Shutdown the UT2004Server if it's still running, and add the following line in the [Engine.GameEngine] section of your serverini:

If you want to use the Wormbot, please refer to the moso readme file included in both the zipfile & ut4mod installation for special instructions to make it work correctly.

Start your UT2004Server. If you're using a standalone Server exclusively for Moso (cool), you can start it with this command (example):
ucc-bin server MOSO-Arena-v2b?Game=Moso_v203.xTeamMoso for *nix,
ucc.exe server MOSO-Arena-v2b?Game=Moso_v203.xTeamMoso for windoze.

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